Welcome to MCR Logistics Virtual Trucking Company

We are a virtual trucking company for ETS 2. With our very own virtual economy where you can earn ££s virtually and buy things from our virtual shop.

We have a fun and friendly community in discord where we organise convoys and meet ups. So we can drive together and socialise.

Does this sound like your cup of tea? (other hot drinks available)


Hello There,

I would like to thank everyone for supporting MCR. Soon MCR will no longer be operating under the name MCR. Instead it would be called Axiel Gaming.

I am no longer part of the MCR Gaming team so wanted to put up this personal message to say to everyone that I thank you for your support and friendliness of the people I met.

Have a great day!

DJ Racer

Welcome to MCR Logistics

We are a double award winning VTC with a friendly and relaxed community.

We are connecting people and making new friends by playing games together such as
Euro Truck Simulator 2 , American Truck Simulator and more recently we expanded to Farming Simulator 17.
So there is always something for you to do.

We are not like other VTCs who have strict load or mileage requirements as we like to have our working environment relaxed so you feel you want to play instead of having to. We also have no set loads or destinations so you can visit all the places that the game has to offer….




Start Time:

Start Location:

End Location:


DLC needed: None



Visit out fleet of trucks we have available for you to drive for us today.

We have the full fleet available to us to use with our own fleet livery that can be used offline and online.

All loads are logged via an automatic load logger which will run automatically when you drive in ETS 2. No need to run additional software nor any forms to fill in.

You drive for us we pay you in virtual money with no minimum time requirements per week as long as you are an active member.

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